The Project Team

Dundee Team

Andrew Michael Roberts is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Dundee. His books include Conrad and Masculinity (Palgrave, 2000), Geoffrey Hill (Northcote House, 2004) and (with Jonathan Allison) Poetry and Contemporary Culture: the Question of Value (Edinburgh University Press, 2002). Poetry & Ethics is forthcoming with Liverpool University Press, and he is currently working on a book on digital poetry for Salt Publishers.

Martin Fischer is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Potsdam with a broad interest in the relationships between perception and action. Using eye tracking and kinematic recording, he studies attentional processes and spatial memory during reading. He is also interested in bodily expressions of a reader’s aesthetic responses.

Mary Modeen is an artist, academic and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and Art and Philosophy at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee. As a Co-Investigator on the Poetry Beyond Text team, her role has been to conduct creative and interpretive experiments, commission new creative works and curate exhibitions. She authored the exhibition publication, bringing a curatorial and critical perspective to the questions of perception and interpretation. Her research has several threads, combining studies in perception as a cognitive and interpretive process informed by philosophy and literature. As an artist, her work takes the form of printmaking, artists’ books, and many other media. International residencies, Senior Research Fellowships, exhibitions, recent books, current funded research projects and academic writing are detailed on the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design website.

Lisa Otty is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the project, based in Dundee. She was awarded her PhD in 2009, for a thesis that examined the relationship between literature and visual art in twentieth century aesthetic theory and practice. Her research interests extend into contemporary poetics, the legacies of modernism in contemporary literary theory, and interdisciplinarity more broadly. She is currently working on a monograph on modernist book-works that combine text and image.

Kent Team

Anna Katharina Schaffner is a lecturer in Comparative Literature, and is interested in literature of transgression, both from a linguistic/stylistic and a thematic point of view. She has published a monograph on language dissection in avant-garde, concrete and digital poetry, as well as a range of articles on Dada, post-war concrete and contemporary digital experimental poetry. She is currently exploring cognitive approaches to avant-garde literature and working on a monograph on representations of sexual deviance in early twentieth-century literature.

Ulrich Weger, lecturer in Psychology, has conducted research in eye movements during reading. In particular, he has investigated how readers use visual and linguistic information in moving the eyes through a text. Poetry combines these two dimensions but also reaches beyond a pure information-processing level to an aesthetic dimension, thereby calling for a cross-disciplinary approach and understanding.

Kim Knowles is Postdoctoral Research Fellow, based at the University of Kent. Her research interests centre on Modernism and the avant-garde, particularly in relation to film and photography. She has recently published a monograph entitled A Cinematic Artist: The Films of Man Ray, and is currently researching the role of written texts in experimental cinema.

The Co-Researchers

Over the course of our project, we are working with a team of volunteers who take part in the experiments, reflective discussions and feedback sessions. Contributing to the project over several sessions, and sometimes helping us to shape our inquiries and questions, the team-members are an essential part of the project; for that reason, they are referred to as co-researchers.


Jonathan Richards, Jeroen Marttin, Chloe Gough, Katherine Murphy, Sam Duffy, Caroline Ather, Holly Keasey, Natassia Prigmore, Anna Rathband, Keir Elder, Gordon Spark, Ryan Rushton, Jane Prior, Caitlin McDonald, Faye Cawood, Beth Savage, Hannah Champion, Amy Kinmond


Fabien Arribert-Narce, Liz Askey, Harriet Clements, Kate Fox, Kylie Grant, Conrad Hughes, Kate Limond, Eleni Loukopoulou, Elaine Morley, Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Kamila Pawlikowska, Vered Weiss, Declan Wiffen, Laura Wood


Elza Adamowicz, Professor of French Literature and Visual Culture, Queen Mary, University of London
Jim Andrews, Digital Poet and Web Artist, Victoria, Canada
John Cayley, Visiting Professor of Literary Arts, Brown University
Clive Cazeaux, Reader in Aesthetics at University of Wales, Cardiff
David Cunningham, Principal Lecturer, University of Westminster
Johanna Drucker, Robertson Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia
Julie Johnstone, Librarian, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh
Susan Hiller, international artist / scholar
Helmut Leder, Professor of Experimental Aesthetics, University of Vienna
Murdo Macdonald, Professor of the History of Scottish Art, Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts
Marjorie Perloff, Emeritus Professor, Stanford University
Scott Rettberg, Associate Professor of Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen, editor of the Electronic Literature Collection
Patricia Waugh, Professor of English Studies, Durham University
Mike Wheeler, Reader in Philosophy, University of Stirling